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 Employee benefits

A more rewarding place to be

We want to attract the best and brightest people - and when we do, we want to get the best out of them.

We’re committed to providing great rewards to the people who drive our success. That’s why we go out of our way to offer all our employees a range of benefits that reflect the full value of their skills, experience and qualifications.

All your personal benefits are dependent on the country you work in and the terms and conditions of your contract. As you grow and develop, your benefits and bonuses will grow with you. What shape they take all depends on what direction your career takes.

More details about these benefits will be shared during your recruitment.

For example, if you’re going to be working in the UK, everyone who builds a career with us can expect to enjoy things like:

  • Free BT broadband – and once you’ve got your broadband you’ll have free access to BT TV and BT Sport
  • There’s also great employee discounts on mobile SIM deals and phones you can buy
  • We’ll start to take care of your future as we’ll automatically enrol you into our pension plan the BT Retirement Savings Scheme
  • You’ll have access to a whole range of products and services that come with great discounts and can be paid for monthly from your salary including childcare vouchers, a dental plan, a travel plan, healthcare and gym memberships
  • In addition to your normal holiday entitlement you’ll have the opportunity to buy up to five more days every year
  • You’ll have the opportunity to buy BT shares and share in our future success with two tax-advantaged employee share plans
  • There’s also great support for working parents including a generous maternity pay package
  • And we like it when our people do good things so there will be the opportunity to take time off for volunteering and we’ll help with your fund raising too

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