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Ever wondered what it’s actually like working for BT? This is all about what makes us tick.

Our culture and values set the tone for everything we do. They direct what personal benefits and career development you’ll receive as well as the brilliant opportunities you’ll have to support communities all over the world. Whether you’re looking for information about our innovations, our approach to diversity & inclusivity or just to read stories from our people, it’s all here.


The insider's view

Our employee blog takes you right behind the scenes to find

out what it's really like to work for BT.

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Our culture

Our success doesn't just come from what we do.
It's how we do things and why that really matters.

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Diversity & inclusion

At BT we know it's crucial that our people reflect the diversity of our customers...

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Employee benefits

We're committed to providing great rewards to the people who drive our success...

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Career development

We want you to have every chance to achieve your full potential...

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Digital impact & sustainability

We're using the power of communications to make a better world – a world where people are prepared for the challenges that tomorrow brings.

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Flexible working

At BT we believe people do their best at work if we make it easier for them to meet their personal responsibilities as well.

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For more than a century now, we've looked to innovation to bring us new products and services, improved customer experience, efficiency gains and to unlock exciting new opportunities...

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