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5 tips to stand out in an interview

You’re in! Your CV has wowed the recruiter and the manager and they’ve asked you to come in for an interview. Amazing work, you definitely deserve a pat on the back for getting this far!

But how do you stand out from the competition at the interview stage? We asked our recruiters for their top tips.

1. Make sure you’ve got your reasons

Why now? Why here? Why this role? Why not stay in your current role? They’re all important question you need to know the answer too. Do some soul searching and spend some time researching us so you’ve got some great responses to these questions.

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2. Show a bit of passion

Whether it’s for what we're currently doing, why you’d want to join us or even talking about your current role. All managers want to see someone with a bit of passion and enthusiasm for what they do and what they’ll be able to bring to the team.

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3. When it comes to your previous employer, find the balance

We’ve all had jobs that we didn’t like or weren’t right for us – that might be why you’re looking for a new role – but it’s really important that you don’t spend too much time talking about how terrible your current manager / company / colleagues are. Make sure you’re being balanced and it always helps to show that you’ve done some reflection on why it wasn’t the right environment for you.

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4. Know yourself

Whether the strengths and weaknesses questions come up directly or not, it pays to really know yourself. Being able to talk clearly about what you would bring to a role - what makes you different and unique - will help you stand out from the crowd.

Also, being able to talk about situations that didn’t go right, and being able to pin point what you’d do differently in the future, is just as important as being able to talk about situations that did go right.

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5. Paint the picture

This is the same as the advice we had for your CV, but when you’re talking about your skills or strengths don’t just say you’re good at it. Paint the picture. Give them an example of outstanding stakeholder management or what you’ve done to go above and beyond for a customer - whatever it is that you've just said you're great at.

Fill in the details so they get the full picture rather than a rough sketch of who you are.

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