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Enterprise is one of our four customer-facing units and we sell communications and IT services to around 1.2 million businesses and public sector organisations in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Across our whole product range we service over half of the FTSE 350.

Our wholesale business helps communications providers (CPs) and other organisations provide fixed or mobile phone services to more than 1,400 communication providers (CPs). We also offer services for media companies and broadcasters.

Our ventures team offers a broad range of products and services to more than 1000 customers including mass-market services like directory enquiries and payphones, and enterprise services including BT Fleet Solutions and BT Redcare.

We're using our world-leading fixed and mobile networks to build solutions that help businesses and the public sector use technology in ever-smarter ways, ensuring the UK and Ireland remain in a leading position in the global digital economy.

Gerry McQuade
CEO, Enterprise

Our Enterprise unit is incredibly diverse and we have a wide range of positions available in sales, customer service, marketing, digital, and commercial.  



A profession in Sales

Join Enterprise as part of our sales force and we’re positive that you’ll enjoy a rewarding career with us!

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Customer service and solutions delivery

Customer service

Customer Service – provides service and delivery support for Business and Public Sector customers.

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Digital, product and startegy

Digital, Product & Marketing

Our Digital, Product and Marketing team are responsible for product management, marketing, digital & online services as well as strategy & business transformation.

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