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Human rights governance

Without strong governance, our human rights policy would be just words.

A BT Board sub-committee (called the Digital Impact & Sustainability Committee) oversees progress on our human rights programme.

Day-to-day our human rights team works on integrating the UN Guiding Principles into our business, including training and supporting the people who bring our policy to life across the company.

Our Group Corporate Affairs Director (a member of our Executive Committee) makes decisions on any human rights matters that can’t be fixed at an operational level.

You can download our framework for more on how we manage human rights issues. And every year we give a human rights update in our Annual Report and Digital Impact and Sustainability Report.

Taking the right steps to protect human rights 

We have due diligence checks which look at whether: 

  • our product/service could be used for defence, military, law enforcement, security or cybersecurity purposes
  • the customer or end user is a government, government agency or state-owned company
  • the service will be provided in an extreme or high-risk country (based on external measures).

If any of these things are a factor we'll look into things in more detail. You can read more on how we monitor our suppliers' impact on human and digital rights.