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3 September 2018

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The Infinity Lab – better world innovation challenge 2018

Can your business create opportunities for others?

Congratulations to Trust Elevate, overall winners of the 2018 Better World Challenge, and to Tlero who were voted people choice winner. View the full details and the views from the judges.

Better world innovation challenge winners - Trust Elevate

Well done to all the finalists:

Ally Smart Care
Audio based monitoring and analytics solution for people with chronic conditions, uses edge based AI to profile symptoms and behaviour to monitor wellbeing for individuals and families.

Birdie Care
Birdie's integrated telecare solution aims to replace paperwork for care agencies and help ensure the safety of the elderly 24/7 through a care companion app also available to families and relatives.

Fall Guard
A non-wearable listening solution for the infirm that detects falls and sends real-time alerts to carers. Also uses speech recognition to raise alarm.

Mental health and wellbeing solution help companies improve their employee wellbeing (B2B), with a non-diagnostic symptoms checker to tailor content to each user.

Trust Elevate/Veripass
The Veripass solution verifies the claims of parent-child relationships as mandated by GDPR regulation. Enables make purchases and downloads with parental consent.

LookBack is a mobile VR platform that can be used to conduct Reminiscence Therapy in a flexible and affordable way.

Voicett provide the world's first speech recognition system for individuals with impaired and difficult to understand speech.

Smartglasses that use bone conduction technology to transfer sound to the user's brain resulting in safer consumption of audio content in the workplace and at home.