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BT Future Comms Hackathon

I came, I saw, I hacked!  

Hack winners

We had a great weekend with fifty external developers who were selected after a call-out to the global developer community; attendees coming from UK, Spain, Germany and Taiwan for the event organized for the BT Future Comms team.

With the support of Alcatel-Lucent and TechHub we ran the hackathon over a Red Bull and pizza fuelled weekend. We kicked off on Friday night with twelve teams being formed. We hacked night and day with a final pitching session on Sunday afternoon.

See Alcatel-Lucent blog and watch what happened at the event. 

Liam Connors, Head of Future Voice in TSO said “The engagement externally through the Infinity Lab has shown us the exciting potential of our APIs and of working direct with the developer community.”

We gathered again at an event in the Tower where Lisa Harrington, BT’s Chief Customer Officer awarded the prizes.

The winners were Have fun Hub and Ticket Hub (pictured above) who shared the £5000 first prize. MYNA and BT Bot were runners up, each receiving £1000.


BT Bot

Messaging through Slack


Virtual assistant to manage your incoming calls.

Have fun hub

Find out what fun is going on around you!

Hubspot integration

Integration with Hubspot CRM

My Wed

Interactive real-time wedding planner


Service Apps to make voice "smart"

Ticket Hub

Real time ticket booking, concerts etc…

Trusty Alert

Alert service (tfl integration)

Virtual Number Service

Identity protection, virtual number service