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Our recycling push is helping to change lives

18 April 2018 

For the past two years, our Northallerton facility has been aiming to recycle 100 per cent of all common waste such as cardboard and plastics.

We’re working with our partner Recycling Lives to maximise the amount that’s recycled and re-used. Paul Haslam, Head of Staging, Configuration and CSR BT Supply Chain says: “An early example of the changes we’re making is our ‘circular economy’ for cardboard in the UK. We bale up about 500 tonnes of cardboard a year at our Northallerton depot. This goes to Recycling Lives to be consolidated with other cardboard and then it’s sent to a paper mill.”


The mill sends recycled material to Hazel4D, a manufacturer that supplies our packaging. This new packaging is then sent to all our supply chain sites in the UK.

Paul says: “We use around 250 tonnes of new boxes a year. We can’t guarantee that our old box is actually in the new one we buy, but we recycle more than enough material to make it a circular economy.”

The aim is to apply the same techniques to recycle Openreach’s reels of correx polypropylene.

“Plastic’s a hot issue now, so correx reels are a priority,” says Paul. “We’re already using balers for plastic film. We separate it into clear and coloured to get the best discount from the recycling plant.”

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