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Our fibre planner Graham’s a volunteering warrior

1 May 2018 

Graham Fitton got involved with the charity Cancer Warriors when the father of his stepson’s friend developed cancer. He set it up so people have somewhere to go for support.

“He walked out of hospital and just needed someone to talk to,” says Graham.

“A lot of people who have cancer give up their jobs and end up with no money. They’ve been fighting cancer and faced the prospect of death.

“Some then find that a treatment has been developed that gives them remission, and they think ‘What do I do now?’”

Graham Fitton and other members of the charity

Graham and all other members of the charity, based in Stalybridge, give their time for free.

“We offer a brew, biscuits, peer support and advice,” he says. “We’ve even taken a call all the way from Texas.

“Our latest success is to set up of a hub in Stalybridge, in addition to drop-in centres throughout Tameside. We’ve gained the support of MP Jonathan Reynolds, council leaders, and even the mayor of Manchester wants more information.”

From his experience of helping Cancer Warriors, Graham was asked to chair the local carnival, which provides free entertainment to Stalybridge and surrounding communities.

“There’s lots of strategic planning: licences, insurance policies, commercial traders, fairground and managing the floats,” he says.

“But the festival committee has the right people to do the right jobs, and that’s vital for my sanity.”

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