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Our people in Texas are transforming the lives of poor families by helping to build new homes

4 June 2018 

More than 50 of our volunteers donned helmets and swapped their Dallas office for a dusty construction site and used a range of skills to complete two new houses.

Led by Business Management Leadership Development Programme Manager Viktoria Reindl, they partnered with Habitat for Humanity, a global, non-profit housing organisation serving low-income communities.

With the support of volunteers, the charity strives to revitalise and transform entire neighbourhoods and enhance residents’ quality of life. Since 1986, Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity has helped more than 1,600 families.

Dallas volunteers

Viktoria says, “It was an incredible experience seeing so many colleagues come together and create something so brilliant and personal for these families.

“It was amazing to see all the talents of people working on different parts of the two homes. In the end, we collaborated to create beautiful homes that will change the lives of the two families. It means they’ll have a safer, more stable and brighter future. We should all be proud we’ve made a difference.”

Jennifer Artley, President, BT In The Americas says: “It was exciting, humbling, and gratifying to spend the day with our great construction crew in Dallas. Everybody was hardworking and willing to do anything. I loved seeing how we came together to make an impact for the soon-to-be new homeowners in the Dallas community.”

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