Who may attend?

If you’re on the BT Group Register of Members at 6:30pm on 9 July 2018, you are entitled to attend, speak and vote at the AGM.

All joint shareholders can attend and speak at the meeting. If more than one joint holder votes, only the vote of the first shareholder listed on the Register of Members will be counted.

Can I bring a guest?

We may, at our discretion, admit guests who are accompanying shareholders. We’ll admit anyone accompanying a shareholder who is in a wheelchair, or is otherwise in need of assistance.

I’m unable to attend – what can I do?

If you’re not going to be at the meeting, you can appoint another person (a proxy) to attend the meeting, speak, and/or vote on your behalf.

This can be done online at shareview.co.uk or by post. The proxy appointment must be received by Equiniti, our Registrars, by 10:30am on Monday 9 July 2018. The number of shares you hold at the above register deadline will decide how many votes you or your proxy/ies will have on a poll. You can find more information about appointing a proxy in the notes on your AGM admission card/proxy card.

When do I have to appoint a proxy or vote by?

Equiniti, our Registrars, must receive your online or postal proxy appointment and voting instructions by 10:30am on Monday 9 July 2018.

What do I need to bring to the AGM?

Please bring your AGM admission card/proxy card or email notification with you to help with identification, and keep it until the end of the meeting to vote. You may also find it helpful to bring this document with you, to refer to it during the meeting. 

What do I need to do if I want to ask a question?

The chairman will answer questions on any of the resolutions. If you wish to ask a question, please go to a Question Registration Point. To be fair to other shareholders who want to ask a question, we ask you not to register more than one question.

We won’t register a question unless it is relevant to the business of the meeting. If you have a question on an individual customer service issue, we’ll direct you to the Customer Help Desk. The chairman cannot deal with individual service issues.

Will there be refreshments?

Yes. We’ll have light refreshments available before and after the meeting.

What facilities do you have for shareholders with disabilities?

The venue is wheelchair accessible and we’ll have the following facilities:

How do I vote at the meeting?

Voting on all matters except procedural issues will be on a poll.

At the end of the meeting, we’ll ask you to vote on all the resolutions by placing a cross in one of the boxes alongside each resolution on your AGM admission card/proxy card and then putting the card in a voting box as you leave the auditorium.

The results of the polls will be announced by way of a stock exchange announcement and published on the company’s website as soon as reasonably practicable following the conclusion of the meeting. 


For security reasons and to speed up admission, please don’t bring suitcases, large bags, cameras, laptops or tape recorders to the meeting. If you do, we may ask you to deposit them in a secure property store for collection after the meeting. We’ll allow tablet devices.

No one attending the meeting may hand out leaflets or pamphlets in the venue.

Mobile devices

Please ensure that you switch off mobile devices during the meeting.

Shareholder Helpline

If you have any queries about the meeting, please call our Shareholder Helpline on: 

Freefone 0808 100 4141 (+44 121 415 7178*) or on

Textphone 0800 169 6907 (+44 121 415 7028*)

*Calls from outside the
UK Lines are open 8:30am to 5:30pm UK time, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays in England and Wales.