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Demonstrating excellent customer experience – a look inside BT's Showcases

Jo ScarlettBy Jo Scarlett, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, BT Global Services

BT is helping to drive change in many of the world's largest organisations, whether to improve efficiency, reduce costs or improve customer service levels. To learn more about how BT Global Services' portfolio of products and services can help with the business challenges they face, we invite customers to visit to any of our 20 global Customer Experience Showcases. Each visit is tailored by the in-country Showcase Team to make sure that the experience is relevant and engaging.

In this short article, we take a look at how we're expanding and improving our Global Showcase facilities, highlighting three examples.

Countering cyber threats – dedicated security showcase in Sevenoaks, Kent (more here)

Our new security showcase in Sevenoaks in the UK opened in September 2015 enabling customers to see how a 'live' security operations centre provides robust cyber protection for our global customers. Visitors can experience first-hand:

  • How our intelligence teams use the latest threat information to provide a sophisticated approach to cyber defence.
  • Multiple attack scenarios, demonstrating our award-winning products and services in action.
  • Our unique Assure Cyber platform, providing a single screen view of a complex set of security tools and information feeds.
  • Security Analysts talking about how they work as part of a 24x7 global team to target the latest malware or denial of service attacks.
  • BT's own experiences and how we protect one of the largest communications networks in the world.
  • How we can easily link up other showcases, bringing customers a flavour of this live operational environment, no matter where they are in the world

BT flagship showcase re-opening in New York City

Situated in the BT office in the New York Times building in the heart of New York City, our brand new Customer Experience Centre will be officially unveiled on 14 January 2016. It will be an integral part of BT’s Global Showcase programme and will demonstrate the latest technologies in all BT Global Services’ portfolio areas. Focused demonstrations for specific industries will include the future of in-store retailing with our 'Alexander Black' concept store, and those specifically tailored to the global banking and financial markets. Linked to the Global Showcase network, and connecting the Americas to anywhere in the world, it will be available for customer, analyst and media visits in the New Year.

BT Virtual showcase (more here)

If customers can’t get to one of the 20 cities where we have physical showcases, our Virtual Showcase is an easy, cost-effective way of experiencing the capabilities of our portfolio. It contains a catalogue of our most compelling product demos which our customers can experience, over the internet, through dynamic video demonstrations.

Virtual Showcase 


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