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Openreach fibre index reveals huge data demand

Fibre opticBy Ian Lawrence, Chief Engineer, Openreach

On 13 November we published the inaugural Openreach Fibre Index. The index will be updated quarterly and forms part of Openreach’s commitment to publish the most up-to-date information about our network. We use the insights like those from the index to make sure we deliver a network fit for the future.

In the last five years, we have seen average monthly data usage per line increasing 40% year on year. Over the summer period, the average fibre customer consumed 190GB per month which is the equivalent of a single household watching 45 HD films or downloading 2,000 music albums each month, or watching 17 hours of HD TV every week.

The average weekly peak traffic time was 9pm on Sundays with the peak day for data usage for the whole summer season being 23 August. During that week we saw the World Athletics Championship, the Belgian Grand Prix, and several major news stories break which may well have contributed to this rise in data consumption.

Over half of UK households have at least two different internet-enabled devices and nearly a third have seven or more, all usually connected at the same time. And now, with the rapid growth of Smart TVs, which all need a fast broadband connection, we can see that consumers and businesses will demand even more from fibre.

By investing in Britain’s digital infrastructure, Openreach is enabling millions of people to connect with each other in new ways and at faster speeds than ever before. Our fibre network is more than able to deliver the speed and capacity that people need both today and for years to come. Our fibre network rollout is making a real difference to people’s lives and is something which I believe will be judged as a success.

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