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BT’s Dynamic Network Services – Building networks for the digital age

Chet PatelBy Chet Patel, President, Global Portfolio & Marketing, BT's Global Services division

CIOs know their organisations need more flexibility and agility to succeed in the digital future. They're already taking advantage of cloud-based IT services and applications. But there remains an obstacle: Getting their infrastructure to deliver the rapid response, easy collaboration and constant innovation that digital businesses need.

Software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualisation (NFV) give us a new way to build and manage corporate networks that are fit for the digital age: Secure and resilient fixed networks plus digitally-delivered software combine to create a dynamic network service. By using software, instead of hardware, to create and control the network, SDN/NFV makes wide area networking more flexible, affordable and easier to manage.

BT Dynamic Network Services

We're well known for our global network which has 5,000 Points of Presence and enables us to serve customers across 198 countries and territories. It lets us make connections, create new possibilities and deliver services that our customers value. Dynamic Network Services is our near-term vision for our global network. It's a technology programme and investment roadmap that builds on our market-leading BT Connect portfolio, which is at the heart of our Cloud of Clouds strategy. The investment includes the use of NFV/SDN services to create network solutions for our customers which are flexible, adaptable and controllable.

We've recently produced new web content which helps position our dynamic network services for our customers. It includes: our vision for the future of networks, incorporating dynamic networks services; a network innovation roadmap; and the results of research into Software-Defined WAN adoption conducted by analysts IDC. I'm really excited to be sharing our plans and encourage you to review the materials.

If you would like a more in-depth view of our roadmap and/or our approach-to-market, then please contact


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