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BT's quarterly newsletter for analysts, consultants and investors - 60-second guide to Pelipod

60-second guide to Pelipod

PelipodThis issue's 60-second guide looks at how BT is using a network of smart, secure lockers to boost customer service and reduce carbon emissions.

What is Pelipod?

Pelipod is a smart, connected parcel delivery solution business. It was recently acquired by BT - the first acquisition made by BT's Wholesale and Ventures division since it was formed in April 2016.

Pelipod’s smart, secure delivery boxes can be used by both consumers and businesses to save time, money and worry when sending or receiving goods because they provide proof-of-delivery and collection.

How do the Pelipod boxes work?

Pelipod is an innovative, supply chain solution. The Pelipod boxes use a secure, mobile connection to indicate (via SMS or email) when a delivery or collection has taken place. The boxes are accessed via unique codes which are associated with specific users, drivers and parcels. And the system takes a photograph of the inside of the locker to corroborate every delivery or collection.

Why is BT interested in using them?

We're using the Pelipod boxes to deliver equipment and spare parts to our engineers. It means they can collect essential equipment for a specific job as soon as it's delivered, helping them complete the work faster.

And because Pelipod provides a clear audit trail of every delivery and collection, it also gives us clear visibility of our stock inventory, allowing us to deploy essential supplies when and where they’re needed most.

Why was Pelipod a good fit for BT?

We already provide supply chain services to BT Group businesses and a number of external customers. Pelipod boosts our existing portfolio and provides us with a competitive edge which takes advantage of the Internet of Things.

Pelipod will help us speed up the delivery of broadband and phone services by reducing the distance our engineers need to travel to collect equipment. And by cutting down on unnecessary travel, they‘ll be able to spend more time working on the network and delivering services to customers. This will help our continuing drive to improve customer service. It will also allow us to further reduce carbon emissions in our supply chain and operations – one of our key Purposeful Business goals.

Where will BT’s Pelipod boxes be located?

We’re planning to deploy a few thousand Pelipod boxes across the country over time. They’ll be positioned in around 500 BT sites.

What’s next for Pelipod?

As part of BT, Pelipod will continue to provide its services to its existing clients which includes those in the utilities, healthcare and heavy machinery sectors. It will also look to further expand its external customer base, both in the UK and abroad.


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