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A device known as the 'Keith Line Switch' was designed and seen as an important advance in machine-switching design. The use of this switch (described in British Patent Specification No. 26301, 20 November 1906) enabled a trunk line to be selected in advance of a call by means of a stepping master switch. This maintained all the disengaged line switches in readiness to connect with a disengaged trunk line.

The Post Office's first coin-operated call box was installed by the Western Electric Company at Ludgate Circus, London.

The Brighton and Glasgow Corporations' telephone services were sold to the Post Office: Brighton on 10 September for £49,000 and Glasgow on 22 October for £305,000.

The International Radiotelegraph Convention (later known as the International Radiotelegraph Union) was formed by 29 countries.

Trunk telephone charges were reduced to half-price for conversations between 7 pm and 7 am.

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