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Events in telecommunications history


The Post Office long-wave wireless station at Hillmorton, near Rugby with worldwide range, was brought into service on 1 January, known as Rugby Radio Station. The station used a huge water-cooled transmitter (call sign GBR), dissipating 10kW and using 54 thermionic valves on a wave length of 18,750 metres. Initially, it commenced transmission in Morse code on 16kHz with an aerial power of 350kW. At the time it was the world's most powerful transmitter using thermionic valves. Later in the same year two-way conversation by radio telephone was also established for the first time between England and the USA from Rugby.

A continuous telephone service was established with Germany by through circuit.

J L Baird (1888-1946) demonstrated television before the Royal Institution on 27 January.

A beam wireless telegraph service was established with Montreal, Melbourne, Cape Town and Bombay.

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