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Events in telecommunications history


A picture telegraph (facsimile) service between the Central Telegraph Office and Berlin was opened on 7 January. Services to other European cities soon followed.

On-demand trunk service was introduced based on a new transmission and routing plan in which zones were divided into groups. The principal exchange in each group, the Group Centre, had operational control of originating traffic for all dependent exchanges in the group.

A radio-telephone service was opened with Australia on 30 April. The service was extended to South Africa and Argentina later in the year.

Automatic metering up to 3d (just over 1p) was introduced on director exchanges.

A motor cycle telegraph messages service was inaugurated at Bournemouth.

The Manchester Director Area was opened, encompassing the Ardwick, Collyhurst and Moss Side exchanges.

Advice of duration and charge (ADC) at callers' request was introduced.

Control of Toll traffic in London was devolved upon local auto-manual switchboards.

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