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Events in telecommunications history


Datel services were introduced, enabling data to be transmitted over private telegraph circuits and the telex network. The following year, Datel service were extended to enable data to be sent over private telephone circuits and the public telephone network. Datel services subsequently became available to a number of European countries and the United States.

The first automatic crossbar exchange (TXK1) in the United Kingdom was opened at Broughton in Lancashire.

The first Small Automatic Exchange (SAX) was opened at Bury in the Brighton Telephone Area.

Trial Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) systems were introduced on junction cables.

The Post Office was a founder member of INTELSAT; the International Telecommunications Satellite Organisation founded to develop a global commercial satellite communications system.

Originally having a membership of eleven, there were over 100 member countries in 1999, the UK being the second largest shareholder. BT was the UK representative on INTELSAT. On the technical side, BT contributed substantially to studies on the characteristics and utilisation of successive generations of INTELSAT satellites.

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