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Events in telecommunications history


British Telecom acquired Dialcom, International Aeradio (IAL) and a majority holding in Mitel Corporation. The 51 per cent stake in Mitel was sold to funds advised by Schroder Ventures in 1992.

The franchise to operate the Isle of Man's telecommunications system was awarded to British Telecom's Manx Telecom

The computerisation of directory enquiries was completed, replacing the existing microfiche system. Response times to customers' enquiries was now even faster.

A trial of an electronic Yellow Pages system was started.

An opto-electronics joint venture with Du Pont, BT&D Technologies, was initiated to manufacture opto-electronic devices.

The first Customer Services System (CSS) went into service. In 1999 it was the biggest civilian computer system in Europe, providing BT with all the information to support its core customer activities, from billing and order taking to sales support and fault recording.

The first international optical fibre undersea link between the United Kingdom and Belgium was opened.

The world's first all-digital international public telephone service was opened between gateways in London and Tokyo.

The first Thorn-Ericsson AXE10  (System Y) local digital exchange was opened at Sevenoaks in Kent on 27 November.

DIY telephone extensions were permitted for the first time. British Telecom kits became available.

Hong Kong and Tokyo offices were opened, and shares were listed on the Tokyo stock exchange for the first time.

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