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Manx Telecom Ltd came into operation as a wholly-owned subsidiary of British Telecom on 1 January, with a 20-year licence to operate the Isle of Man's telecommunications system.

Itemised billing was introduced on a trial basis in the City of London in January for six months. An £87million programme to provide itemised telephone bills for all customers was announced in December.

Electronic Yellow Pages was launched on 8 January.

British Telecom announced the launch of its Centel 100 Centrex service in March.

Textdirect, an enhanced telex service, was launched in April.

The Under Secretary for Industry confirmed in August that the two existing UK cellular radio operators - Cellnet and Racal Vodafone - would provide the UK part of the pan-European digital cellular radio service due to come into operation in 1991. The following month Cellnet and Racal Vodafone signed a memorandum of understanding with 13 other European cellular radio operators.

Sir George Jefferson resigned as Chairman of British Telecom at the company's annual general meeting. His successor was Iain Vallance.

The world's first instantaneous translation of speech by a computer was demonstrated by British Telecom's Research Laboratories.

The major activities of British Telecom International's marine services were transferred to a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company known as BT Marine Ltd. on 1 October.

BT Marine was sold to Cable and Wireless in November 1994.

The final digital trunk switching exchange, in Norwich, entered service in November.

The 500th System X digital local exchange was opened.

The Hull Corporation telephone service was transferred on 7 December to Kingston Communication (Hull) plc, a company owned by the Kingston-upon-Hull City Council.

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