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Equality of Access Board


The Equality of Access Board (EAB) was established as part of the Undertakings offered by BT to Ofcom following Ofcom's Strategic Review of Telecommunications. It was established ahead of schedule on 1 November 2005.

The Undertakings state that 'The role of the EAB is a general one of monitoring, reporting and advising BT on BT's compliance with these Undertakings and the Code of Practice, with a specific focus on the provision of products on an Equivalence of Inputs basis and the operation of AS [Openreach]'.

This site explains how the EAB works in practice and how communications providers can get involved in its work.

How we work

The EAB is a committee of the BT Group plc Board. It is supported by the EAB Secretary and the Equality of Access Office (EAO).

The EAO monitors BT’s performance in delivering the Undertakings and assesses complaints regarding the Undertakings from communications providers. The EAB Secretary arranges EAB meetings and briefs individual members.

What’s new?

EAB Annual Report 2018

EAB Annual Report 2018 

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