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How we work

The EAB’s main responsibility is monitoring and reporting on BT’s compliance with the Undertakings. On behalf of the EAB, the EAO monitors BT’s performance in a number of areas, including:

  • Ongoing compliance with the Undertakings
  • Product KPIs
  • Behavioural measures and other measures relating to the spirit of the Undertakings
  • Complaints and informal issues raised by CPs.

The EAO reports on these areas in detail to the EAB on a quarterly basis.

Ongoing compliance

Now that BT has delivered on the formal milestones required by the Undertakings, the EAO’s focus is on monitoring BT’s ongoing compliance in areas such as systems separation, information sharing and the supply of products on an equivalent basis. The EAO’s monitoring activities include a rolling annual programme of compliance checks together with more detailed, targeted reviews of key risk areas.

The EAO also continues to monitor BT’s compliance with any additional obligations arising from exemptions to the Undertakings or the amended or varied Undertakings agreed by Ofcom.

To see details of our ongoing compliance monitoring work please visit the News section of this site. For more information on the work of the EAO monitoring and reporting team email David Mulholland.

Product KPIs

The Undertakings require BT to publish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relating to the performance of its products. The EAO monitors these KPIs on a regular basis to assess whether these products are being provided on an equivalent basis.

Behavioural measures

The EAO monitors a dashboard of behavioural measures relating to the Undertakings which includes training and education, breach trends, system user access controls, organisational separation, complaints and the Statement of Requirements (SoR) process. These measures are reported to the EAB on a quarterly basis.

Complaints and informal issues

As well as investigating formal complaints, the EAO attends industry meetings and holds regular informal meetings with CPs to discuss matters relating to the Undertakings. These discussions can result in the EAO conducting an informal review of issues and concerns raised during meetings. These reviews take place on a confidential basis when requested, and the EAO will advise both the CP and BT of the outcome of the review as appropriate.

To arrange a meeting with the EAO, email Steve Kerr.