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Spectrum is a finite resource managed by Ofcom. New bands are auctioned for mobile networks and Ofcom has powers to attach coverage obligations to those auctions. These obligations must be proportionate and developed with industry.

Access to suitable radio frequency spectrum is essential to deliver high quality services to customers. And for this we rely on access to many different spectrum bands. We use frequencies licensed by Ofcom to deliver mobile, fixed and satellite connectivity, and customers also rely on license-exempt spectrum applications like local Wi-Fi connectivity.

We’ve taken part in past spectrum auctions and we hold these licenses in several frequency bands. Our UK national mobile network uses the 800 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz spectrum bands. We’ll soon introduce the 3400 MHz spectrum that we bought in the most recent auction in 2018. This spectrum is suited to early 5G mobile.

We also actively contribute to developing national and international spectrum regulation. Our positions on many topical issues are set out in our responses to public consultations.

Here’s some more information about our work on spectrum: