Forum communities & initiatives


BT experts are actively involved in a number of the World Economic Forum’s communities, initiatives and industry projects.

Technology Pioneers

The Technology Pioneers community has been running for over 15 years and continues to uncover exciting new technologies in the fields of Biotechnology/Health, Energy/Environment and Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media.

BT partners with the Forum to select the Technology Pioneers that offer greatest potential for long-term impact on business and society. Jean-Marc Frangos, BT’s Managing Director of External Innovation is on the Forum’s nomination and selection committee. Typically 30 Technology Pioneers are selected from over 200 innovative nominations each year.

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Young Global Leaders

The Forum of Young Global Leaders is a unique, multi-stakeholder community of exceptional young leaders who share a commitment to shaping the global future. Each year the World Economic Forum identifies 200-300 extraordinary individuals, drawn from every region of the world. Together, they form a powerful international community that can dramatically impact the global future. BT's Chief Sustainability Officer Niall Dunne is a member of the Young Global Leaders community.

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Global Future Councils

The Forum has around 35 Global Future Councils in place and Mark Hughes, President of Security for BT, is on the Cybersecurity Council for a two year term, 2016-2018. Each Council, made up of approximately 25 experts from public and private sectors, is tasked with influencing the worldwide agenda through knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

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Global Systems Initiatives

BT is involved in a number of the Forum’s System Initiatives which are focussed on addressing challenges across an eco-system of multiple stakeholders.

Our main focus areas are: Shaping the Future of the Digital Economy and Society and Shaping the Future of Financial and Monetary Systems

Shaping the Future of the Global of Financial and Monetary Systems focuses on how to build a more efficient, resilient and equitable international system.

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Shaping the Future of the Digital Economy and Society is examining how private-public co-operation can achieve digital technology’s potential to benefit humankind.

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Industry Projects

BT experts are also involved in several initiatives across key industries, with a particular focus on projects linked to the ‘Telecommunications’ and ‘Media, Entertainment and Information’ industries.

Cyber Resilience

The Cyber Resilience project seeks to establish defences and safeguards against cyber risks in businesses and institutions by normalising today’s environment of cyber threats. Recognising such threats as business as usual means that they can be pro-actively managed, tackled and resolved.

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Digital Transformation of Industries

The Digital Transformation project is analysing the impact of digital technologies on business – at the industry and enterprise level – and on society.

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